10 reasons why you should work with a packaging management solution

Creating and producing packaging has become an increasingly complex process. Check out our guide to find 10 reasons why a packaging management solution can simplify this process.

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Esko’s WebCenter is a packaging management solution designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the packaging supply chain, and is associated with several unique benefits:

  • 1. Packaging intelligence
    A range of challenges can be managed with WebCenter, from brand identity, consistency and color fidelity, to legal compliance and data security.
  • 2. Packaging process management
    WebCenter allows users to create projects from pre-defined templates. Users and their roles are easily created and managed.
  • 3. Packaging specification management
    WebCenter has briefing and order forms and it also collects specification data from third party sources. It offers workflow support to make specification a collaborative process.
  • 4. Review and approval in 3D
    WebCenter allows review and approval of 3D packaging mock-ups.
  • 5. Management of packaging assets
    All assets are stored ‘in context’, so are easy to retrieve. There’s version control and edit history.
  • 6. A library of templates, standards and solutions
    WebCenter offers a standardized way of storing solutions to help retrieve information.
  • 7. Integration with packaging editors
    WebCenter integrates with Adobe® Illustrator® and other graphical design editors, structural design editors and prepress editors.
  • 8. Integration with prepress workflow
    WebCenter speaks the same language as the prepress workflow, meaning integration is seamless.
  • 9. Integration with existing business systems
    WebCenter talk to existing business units so there is no duplication of effort.
  • 10. Opportunity to implement a “quick start” version
    “Quick start” versions allow organizations to immediately install software with built-in best-in-class workflows ready to use, with instant benefits.

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