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A reliable cutter


The Kongsberg cutting tables stands for value, durability, reliability, precision and ease of use at an attractive investment level.

The Kongsberg cutters come in standard configurations for sample making, signage and display production.

The Kongsberg tables offer a broad selection of tools for a wide range of cutting, creasing, and plotting tasks.

For POS displays, signage or packaging


There are Kongsberg tables with configurations for:

  • Packaging sample making and short run production
    The Kongsberg tables for packaging are configured for sample making, short run production of mockups and other packaging specific applications.
  • For signage or display production
    The Kongsberg cutters for signage and displays come with a MultiCUT tool head. This tool head offers milling productivity and a camera system. A wide range of printed materials can be cut, routed and creased with perfect results.

Producing on a wide range of materials

Choose a cutting table that handles the widest range of materials and applications.

Material - Folding Carton

Folding Carton

Material - Acrylic


Material - Honeycomb


Material - Corrugated board

Corrugated board

Material - Foam


Material - Flexo plates

Flexo plates

The Kongsberg cutting table not only helps us save on labour, but it also allows us to reduce the material costs; which is in fact a huge saving.– Mahesh Parkar, Managing Director, Parkar Communications Private Limited

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